Anika Rashaun, BA

Always had a knack for reading people. Over the years, her unique and authentic skill has made her the "go-to" person for advice. From dating & relationships, career help, travel, cooking and more, Anika is fulfilling her destiny as a lifestyle guru. Her brand #ASKANIKA highlights the importance of doing what you want on your own terms. Passionate about mentoring on relationships, love, and self improvement, Anika began matchmaking to help her viewers with dating and all the planning that comes with. She's a strong believer that there is someone out there for everyone. 

Anika has an unconditional empathy for her clients and will work very hard to put you on a track to success. Anika is your life positivity cheerleader, here to advise you, be there for you and address your concerns... all you have to be willing to do is open yourself to help.

Anika is a free-spirited female living a bicoastal lifestyle in two of the greatest (and most expensive) cities in the US – New York and Los Angeles. Anika’s vast experience is derived from her career in the marketing, events, hospitality and public relations fields. She is now focusing on her growing work - as a Life coach and matchmaker.

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